Outline of the National Ceremony

Commemorative Events


Date and venue August 10 (Wed.), 2016, downtown Matsumoto
  • We welcome invited guests and we wish to promote friendship among all participants.
  • Edible mountain plants which are unique to Nagano (the prefecture with so many famous high mountain peaks) and Matsumoto (a mountain-climbing mecca) will be served to the participants allowing them to in part experience the mountainous history and culture.

International Conference for “Mountains”

Date of the event August 10 (Wed.) or 11 (Thu.), 2016
  • Based on the “Matsumoto Declaration” adopted in 2001 at the World Mountain Resorts & Gateway Cities conference held in Matsumoto, followed by further international discussions a year later in the “International Year of Mountains,” we celebrate the establishment of “Mountain Day” in our country and offer an opportunity to convey to the world the significance of “Mountain Day” showcasing the beauty and value of mountains in Japan.
  • Ambassadors related to “mountains” in Japan and other concerned parties of “mountains” will meet to discuss the current situation and issues with mountains under the theme of “the relationship between mountains and people.” Furthermore, they will form a message recommending the way for “mountains in the future.”
  • The message adopted in the conference will then be disseminated to the world at the “Mountain Day” ceremony.

Providing Information via Music, Images, Research Results, and Efforts Concerning “Mountains”

Date and venue August 10 (Wed.) and 11 (Thu.), 2016, at Kamikochi and downtown Matsumoto
  • Some events will be held in which tourists visiting Kamikochi can fully enjoy Kamikochi and other mountains in Nagano, in cooperation with the bodies of the central government and other related organizations.
  • Events will be organized that will capitalize on the natural environment in Kamikochi.