Outline of the National Ceremony
Date of the event Holiday, August 11 (Thu.), 2016
Ceremony place At Kamikochi and downtown Matsumoto, Nagano
Scope of attendance Concerned parties from the central, prefectural, and municipal governments, those from mountain management/tourism, participants from the public, etc.
Production planning Venue at Kamikochi
We will offer a message to embody the purpose of establishing “Mountain Day”; A message which will inspire people to learn the history and culture of mountains under the theme of “Mountains and People”; A message to be passed on to future generations, both at home and abroad.
Venue downtown Matsumoto
To the residents of Nagano Prefecture and Matsumoto City, and many others who wish to celebrate the establishment of “Mountain Day,” we plan to provide the opportunity for each participant to think about “mountains,” thereby allowing them to build new connections with “mountains.”